Over 34 years ago, a substantial void in the construction industry. was recognized   In most case,
those involved in a project (architect, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors) were primarily
concerned about their own individual interest and success, often at the district’s expense.  No one
entity was charged with the task of looking out for the owner’s best interests.

Enter PHASEOne -- founded to provide design &
construction management to school districts officials.

Today the company's accomplished and professional
expertise includes funding assistance, claims analyses,
estimating services, facility assessment, value
engineering,  move management, staffing solutions,
and constructibility reviews, with our specialty being in
the advanced planning, site acquisition, facility support,
design development, staff augmentation,
project management, construction management  and

PHASEOne’s value added services makes us your
number one resource in the school construction industry.
PHASEOne Construction
Group, Inc., the contracted
service provider for the former
TECH 5 Corporation, has
achieved recognition and
awards for excellence in the
program and construction
management industry.  

Each of these awards is an
honor -- but more importantly
every one of them resulted in
financial benefit for our clients.  
Our awards have provided
more than $250,000 in direct
financial support and
incentives to our clients.
Award for Excellence in Design and Economy of Construction
Presented by Santa Clara County, California

Southern California Edison Award for
Excellence in Design
Presented by Southern California Edison

Recognition for Commissioning Guidelines
Presented by San Diego State Energy Engineering Department

Excellence in Design for Energy Conservation University of Michigan
PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc., a privately held California corporation, was incorporated in December 2003.
The company offers professional construction management services primarily to California’s K-12 school districts.
For further information, contact Jack Moore, PHASEOne Construction Group, Inc.
2908 Oregon Ct., Ste. H2 Torrance, CA 90503 Phone: (310) 782-9114  -  Fax: (310) 782-9115

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